The China Foundation Center (CFC) is a legally registered public charity described in the regulation of Ministry of Civil Affairs in China. It is the world's leading source of China foundation information for shareholders in social sector. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in media, corporate responsibility, research institute, foundations, government, and donors, powered by the world's most comprehensive Chinese foundation database. Its mission is to bring transparency to philanthropic markets through access to the highest quality data, news, and analytics to enhance bigger social impact of philanthropy.

Foundation Transparency Index (FTI) is the proactive solution of CFC to set a new standard for the ethical conduct of foundations in China. FTI ranks all over 4700 Chinese foundations against a remarkably comprehensive checklist of 41 'transparency indicators'. The index will band foundations according to the level and quality of publically disclosed information about their activities, finances and governance to meet growing demands for transparency in the digital age.

CFC updates the FTI ranking according to statistic of CFC's foundation database every week to illustrate the status quo of transparency of foundations.
Category and indicators
The Index includes 41 indicators and the full score is 100 composed of basic information(13.2), financial information(24), projects information(39.2), and donor information(23.6).
You can find more detailed indicators by clicking a foundation on the ranking.
Formula and variables
The computation of the Index represents the new principles in digital age. FTI motivates foundations to disclose information through their own website and tell the details of there annual giving.
• FTIn: the transparency score of foundation n
• n: the number of foundations, which is 1, 2,3,4…4700…4701...
• i: the number of indicators, which is 1, 2, 3,…39,41
• Ti: True, if the foundation disclose the indicator I, which is 0 or 1
• Wi: Weight, the weight of indicator I, which is between 1 and 6
• Si: Source, the channel of information disclosure, which is 1.2 represents foundation website, or 0.8 means other channel
• Ci: Coverage, the percentage of annual giving the foundation tells clearly. The value of Ci is 1 when calculating score of each indicator except 7 project data indicators. It is decided by the ratio of aggregate expense of each project and annual giving in P&L statement and description of each project.
According to the related regulation, there are two types of foundations, which are public foundation that raise fund from general public and private foundation that is often supported by individual or company. The Chinese government has clearly stated that which kind of information the foundation has the obligation to disclose. The articles within these regulations are the base of indicator design of FTI.
•《Regulations on Administration of Foundations》
•《The Measures for the Annual Inspection of Foundations》
•《Some Regulations Concerning the Standardization of Foundation
•《Guidelines for the Disclosure of Information on Charitable Contributions》
•《Government Information Disclosure Regulations》
Institute of China Supervision
NPO Research Center, Renmin University
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Center for Anti-corruption Studies of Tsinghua University
School of Public Policy and Management, Nanchang University
Center for Anti-corruption Studies of Henan University
Center for Anti-corruption Studies of Chongqing University
Center for Anti-corruption Studies of Hunan University
School of Public Policy and Management, Fuzhou University
School of Law, Heilongjiang University
Center for Anti-corruption Studies of Peking University
Anna Chennault Foundation
Audiology Development Foundation of China
Baosteel Education Fund
Beijing Geyou Community Aid Foundation
Beijing Liu Hongru Financial Education Foundation
Bright China Foundation
Chengdu Foundation for Disabled Persons
China Charities Aid Foundation for Children
China Children and Teenagers' Fund
China Fossil Preservation Foundation
China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation
China Legal Aid Foundation
China Population Welfare Foundation
China Red Cross Foundation
China Social Entrepreneur Foundation
China Social Welfare Education Foundation
China Women's Development Foundation
China Youth Development Foundation
Chunshan Education Foundation
Foundation for the Development of S&T Museums in China
Green and Shine Foundation
Guangdong Shantou University Education Foundation
Guangxi Youth Development Foundation
Guizhou Chunhui Action Development Foundation
Guizhou Pensioners for Rural Development Foundation
Haicang Charity Foundation
Heilongjiang Youth Development Foundation
Huamin Charity Foundation
Huang Yi Cong Foundation
Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Beijing
Jiangsu Changming Education Foundation
Jiren Charity Foundation
Kaifeng Public Welfare Foundation
Nanjing S&T University Foundation
Narada Foundation
Primary Health Care Foundation of China
Ren Ai Charity Foundation
Shanghai Cherished Dream Foundation
Shanghai Development Research Foundation
Shanghai International Studies University Foundation
Shanghai Literature Development Foundation
Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation
Shenzhen Green Pine Care Fund
Sichuan Guang'an Middle School Foundation
Tianjin Baodi Sangzi Education Foundation
Tianjin Haihe Culture Development Foundation
Tianjin Hetong Charitable Foundation for the Elderly
Tzuchi Charity Foundation
Vantone Foundation
Xinjiang HongShi Charity Foundation
Xinping Foundation
Yunnan Youth Development Foundation
Zhejiang Compassion Enterprise Foundation
Zhejiang Green Sharing Education Foundation
Zhejiang Sunshine Education Foundation